Hack to End Homelessness

Seattle, WA ~ May 1-4, 2014

So, here's what happened:

That social network for the homeless community? We built it.

An app that helps homeless youth find shelter? Check.

Data on the causes of homelessness and what can solve it? We didn't just mine and visualize them, we helped service providers improve future data collection.

This weekend, we built something that matters: a community empowered by technology & design thinking to solve the problem of homelessness together. Thank you for joining us, and please check back here this week for more project updates.

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Recent posts:

Fast Company Covers #H2EH Projects

As many of our teams continue their important work together, their projects are getting well-deserved coverage in major outlets. It turns out, national media are as motivated to understand, demystify, and solve homelessness as we are!

Project Reports Are Up!

Hey everyone! We hope you noticed our new "Completed Projects" tab, which features your slide decks and all your names. We want to make sure all of you get credit for the amazing work you did this weekend.

Give BIG!

Today is the Seattle Foundation's Give BIG campaign! The Foundation will amplify gifts made today with its matching pool, and each hour, one donor will win a $1000 raffle ticket. It's a good day to make a difference!

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