Hack to End Homelessness

Seattle, WA ~ May 1-4, 2014

Media Roundup

Thanks again to all our amazing participants for the inspiring work you did this weekend! We are working to get all the projects showcased on the home page, but in the meantime, we thought you would enjoy seeing a roundup of our media coverage. It's not all 100 percent accurate, but hey - together, we learned a lot about homelessness in Seattle, inspired people to take action, and built some really cool stuff, and we think that came through in the coverage. Congratulations again!

KOMO 4 News (Joel Moreno): Hackers brainstorm new technologies to help Seattle's homeless

Geekwire (Taylor Soper): Hack to End Homelessness: Maps, social networks, and other ideas to help Seattle's homeless

Crosscut (Ethan Phelps-Goodman): Why tech workers should care about housing issues

220 & Change Blog (Rosa Mitsumasu Scotti): Photography and activism for ArtWalk

KIRO (Colleen O'Brien): Seattle tech community 'hacks' to end homelessness

Puget Sound Business Journal (Ashley Ann Stewart): Seattle techies 'hack' to help the homeless

Geekwire (Taylor Soper): Can technology end homelessness? These Seattle entrepreneurs are aiming to solve the problem.

Let us know if you see any more stories we should feature on our page, or if you publish anything about your experience. Thank you!