Hack to End Homelessness

Seattle, WA ~ May 1-4, 2014

Give BIG!

Today is the Seattle Foundation's Give BIG campaign! The Foundation will amplify gifts made today with its matching pool, and each hour, one donor will win a $1000 raffle ticket. It's a good day to make a difference!

If you participated in the Hack to End Homelessness and were inspired by our collaborators' work, please share this message with your friends and followers!

If you were not able to participate in the weekend but still want to make a difference, we encourage you to consider making a gift to one of our awesome partners:

  • Facing Homelessness, the newest of our non-profit partners, provided the portraits that hang in the Impact Hub main event space all month. Architect Rex Hohlbein serves those who walk through his doors in Fremont every day, rallies the community to support their individual needs, and advocates for a broader shift in the way we view people experiencing homelessness. Learn more at facinghomelessness.org.
  • United Way of King County, which provided the data from last week's Community Resource Exchange, aims to end youth and family homelessness. Learn more about their campaign at uwkc.org.
  • Building Changes, whose design team worked on their "diversion" strategy, wants your help to make family homelessness rare and brief. Visit them at buildingchanges.org.
  • Housing Development Consortium, which worked with our "Maptastics" team to design those neighborhood maps, advocates for affordable housing throughout King County. Donate here.
  • Washington Low Income Housing Alliance - also Maptastic - is our state’s leading legislative advocate for safe, healthy, affordable housing. Visit their Give BIG campaign page here.
  • Columbia Legal Services, who brought data for Maptastic mapping as well, is a statewide nonprofit legal services organization that advocates for social and economic justice. Learn more at their Give BIG page.
  • YWCA tag-teamed on Maptastics as well (so many maps!). They open doors for women and families in Seattle and King & Snohomish counties. Visit them at realchange.org.
  • Sanctuary Art Center, whose e-commerce site we built this weekend, serves homeless youth and young adults through arts programs around Seattle. Learn about their Give BIG campaign here.
  • YouthCare, whose new intake interface & database we built this weekend, serves Seattle's homeless youth with outreach, housing, education and employment services. Donate here.

Thanks again to all our participants, partners, collaborators, sponsors, and volunteers for your work to end homelessness. It makes a BIG difference!