Hack to End Homelessness

Seattle, WA ~ May 1-4, 2014

Project Reports Are Up!

Hey everyone! We hope you noticed our new "Completed Projects" tab, which features your slide decks and all your names. We want to make sure all of you get credit for the amazing work you did this weekend.

On that note, we're adding to our local media coverage with comprehensive reports of our own:

  • Catherine Hinrichen from Seattle University just posted a Storify roundup of our finale from Sunday, which you will find here.
  • Our friends at YWCA Firesteel also made this cool video with Mark Horvath, where he talks about Seattle (and starts talking about us at about 3:15). It's no coincidence the solutions to homelessness are being discovered here!
  • Rex St. John, who worked on the We Count app, also wrote an awesome feature for the MasheryDev Tumblr, and Michael B. Maine's pro photos from our event are here.
  • Our fearless designers, McKenna Haley (who also worked on our pre-event posters and postcards) created a Storify.
  • CodeFellows did an awesome writeup as well. Check it out!

Have you published something about the event? Do you plan to? Let us know and we'll feature it in later roundups. Stay tuned!