Datasets for Hackathon

Housing Trust Fund dataset provided by Dept of Commerce via the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance.

Washington State youth homelessness data and report from OSPI, by year and school district.

Several datasets from Columbia Legal Services related to youth homelessness: OSPI data, Statewide Data by School District, and Legislative District Analysis.

National "Point in Time" data from the Housing and Urban Development Office of Community Planning and Development.

Zillow Real Estate Research Data, which includes time series data on many metrics related to rental prices and home values by zip code and neighborhood.

Washington Low-Income Housing Alliance's 2013 Affordable Housing Report and the datasets used as the basis for this report. WLIHA also has a Housing Spotlight report from Feb. 2013, which provides a couple useful data visualizations.

National Low Income Housing Coalition 2014 Out of Reach Report for Washington state. Data from 2005 onward and for other states are also available.

National Housing Conference's Paycheck-to-Paycheck Database for relating rental costs to average wages in various occupations.

The Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County has several datasets to help develop a tool that allows users to explore the affordability and richness of opportunity in area neighborhoods:

The American Community Survey from the US Census Bureau has extensive data that could be relevant to several projects. Interactive searches can be done from American FactFinder and bulk downloads can be found here. These datasets can be very unwieldy if you've not worked with them before, so please talk to Ethan at the hackathon for assistance extracting the data you are looking for.