What is Hack to End Homelessness?

Hack to End Homelessness brings together Seattle's housing advocacy community and service providers with the best minds in technology and innovation. Our goal is to design and build solutions to all forms of homelessness, from the homelessness we see on the streets to the hidden problem of family homelessness.

All events to take place at Impact Hub Seattle in Pioneer Square, 220 2nd Ave S.

Why does it cost $100 to participate?

We are committed to making it possible for anyone to attend this event who wants to hack with us! The $100 reflects a fraction of the costs, most of which have been covered by the organizing team. We set this price based on the estimated cost of the space and 7 meals per participant.

Thanks to many generous donors, we're able to offer discounted tickets through a pay-what-you-can system. Discounted tickets will be available until noon on Friday May 2nd.

Click here to register.

Why Hack to End Homelessness?

We believe that the technology industry can and should be a leading force for good in our city. Every member of our community is impacted by the twin issues of homelessness and affordable housing. As Seattle grows, we want to make sure it remains a dynamic, safe, and affordable place for all of us to live.

What projects will be worked on at the hackathon?

Potential projects range from data visualization and infographics, to creating new social networks and crowdfunding platforms, to helping with critical internal IT needs. The projects proposals all come directly from experts at local service providers and advocacy organizations, which ensures that what you work on over the weekend is fulfilling an urgent need of the community. And those experts will be present throughout the course of the weekend working one-one-one with your team.

See here for a list of projects. Check back often as we'll be updating the project list right up until the morning of the event.

Who is behind this initiative?

Hack to End Homelessness is an ad hoc project organized by members of Impact Hub Seattle. It has been designed in partnership with the Project on Family Homelessness at Seattle University and in collaboration with over a dozen arts, business, and community organizations.

Who should participate in the hackathon?

Designers, software developers, writers, journalists, photo and video professionals, students, advocates, and concerned citizens who are willing to commit one weekend this year to ending homelessness in our city.

What if I can't stay the whole weekend?

You can still contribute by attending any one of the events or offering financial support.

Do I need to pick a project before the start of the event?

Feel free to come with one or more desired projects in mind. We will sort into teams during the weekend, once you have had a chance to meet the mentors.

Can I come to work on my own idea?

Yes. We urge people to consider choosing a project from the curated list, but we will also have experts on-hand to mentor teams that want to explore in a more open-ended way.

What should I expect at the event?

The Hackathon kicks off with the screening of @home on Friday night and a discussion with Mark Horvath of InvisiblePeople.tv. On Saturday morning, you'll hear from project leaders and form teams based on your skills and interests, who you'll work with throughout the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, we'll have each team demo their completed work to the public and press. Check back before the event for a full schedule.

What happens after the weekend?

The projects we've curated can be built and deployed in a single weekend. They will be made available for use by any organization or individual that wants to work on homelessness.

What happens after that is up to you. We hope that people will leave the event inspired to continue working together.

Where do I go if I still have questions?

Send an email to contact@hacktoendhomelessness.com.